Selected Work Samples

Photo by Samuel Kendrick of Frank Armstrong cleaning his station at Tattoo Heartland in Bowling Green, KY

Transcription Example from Missouri Folk Arts Program Internship

The below transcript is a copy of an interview of Elaine Lawless by Darcy Holtgrave for a project done by Elaine Lawless’s mentees over the years. Permission to share the transcript has been granted by Lisa Higgins.

Blog texts from Missouri Folk Arts Program Internship

These are the blog posts that I created for my internship with the Missouri Folk Arts Program. My focus was on music-centric activities that could be participated in or attended throughout the state.

Missouri Summer Music, with Folk Intern Sam Kendrick

Parting Thoughts, with Folk Intern Sam Kendrick

Research Paper on Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

This is a paper and project that I started when I was taking the course on folk art. The project focuses on tattoos as a form of art, and a uniquely curated canvas on an individual’s body.

IRB Human Research Application – Approved

This is an application that I co-authored with fellow student/colleague to continue my project on tattooing. The focus is on military veterans who bear memorial tattoos for friends and loved ones that have lost their lives.

Photo Essay for Visual Anthropology

I was working with a tattoo parlor in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with the focus being on the occupational side of tattooing, following Frank Armstrong through the process of tattooing someone.

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